Aviles Construction has been family owned and run since 1984. Three generations of the Aviles Family work in all aspects of the buisness from managment to sales to installation. Aviles Construction is one of a handful of buisness that have worked for the State of Ohio's Home Weatherization Program since its inception. Founded by a Puerto Rican immigrant, Aviles Construction went from a small 3 man operation to one of the most successfull and acclaimed energy efficiency companies in the State of Ohio.

Aviles Construction has worked closely with the Department of Energy in an effort to make the homes of the less fortunate as efficient and inexpensive as possible for energy use. This program requires rigourous training and constant recertifications. The Home Weatherization Assitance Program of Ohio is the most successful Energy Efficiency program in the Country. Aviles Construction has been so involved in this program that the Vice President of Aviles Construction, Alejandro Aviles is currently the Chair of the Policy Advisory Committe of this program and a member of the committe since 2006.

Aviles Construction also works with the Cuyuhoga County Department of health's Healthy Home Program addressing indoor air issues that make children sick. Generally this program involves intense mold remediation as well as addressing Lead issues. Aviles Construction is only one of three Contractors that have the Certifications necessary to participate in this program. Aviles Construction also works with Dominion and Columbia gas in their Energy Efficiency Programs.

Aviles Construction was also the first company to develop a buisness plan that involved complete service for the customer so no other contractors or subcontractors are needed. This is important to the consumer because not only do they not worry about multiple bills, but also savings on average of 20% when insulation measures are combined with other services. Aviles Construction is State Certified as an insulation Contractor, Licensced in Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical as well as Lead Abatement. Alejandro Aviles is the youngest person in the State of Ohio to hold a Master Electricians Licensce, Master Plumbers Licensce, HVAC Licensce,

Hydronics Licensce, Lead Abatement Licensce as well as being certified to do energy audits through the State of Ohio as well as being Building Performance Institute Certified.

Aviles Construction has 27 years experience, and is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. When a customer hires Aviles Construction they have the peace of mind of knowing that they hired a family that takes great pride in their buisness. They will be able to notice right away that this is not a fly by night contractor just trying to make a quick buck. Aviles Construction will give the customer a schedule that will not change, and once Aviles Construction begins a job, we will not schedule any other jobs (unlike other contractors who start a job and show up when its convenient). We are at the job site everyday until the job is complete. Our name and reputation is on the line with every job we perform and we promise that every customer of Aviles Construction will be treated that way.

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